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Cnc Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine

Cnc Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine

Cnc Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine
Cnc Mandrel Pipe Bending MachineCnc Mandrel Pipe Bending MachineCnc Mandrel Pipe Bending MachineCnc Mandrel Pipe Bending MachineCnc Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine
CategoriesCNC Mandrel Tube Bender
Product NameCNC automatic Tube Bending Machine
BendingHydraulic or Servo Motor
Feed and RotaryServo Motor
Warranty2 Years
Update Time2021-10-29
Detail Information
Owning cnc mandrel bending machine presents various advantages for shop owners. The cost of outsourcing your exhaust pipe bending duties to off-site facilities adds up quickly while leaving you dependent on sources out of your control.

If the idea of gaining control over your production and improving your timeline seems expensive or too good to be true, you’re in luck. Wonsten is the worldwide leading manufacturer of cnc mandrel bending machine with a variety of new exhaust pipe benders for sale. Our diverse collection of different bending machines gives you the opportunity to find the perfect solution for your production needs. We have a long history of reliability and share a passion for presenting facilities with the bending solution they need to further their own growth.

China CNC Pipe Bending Machine for Sale

High product bending precision (±0.01mm) and good repeatability
Easy for operation, suitable for high volume production
Multi-layer dies can be installed for tubes with multi-radius, making complicated bending easier
Automatic loading or unloading device can be installed for unmanned automatic operation.
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1. bend-arm (C-axis) by hydraulic
2. clamp die, pressure die and side booster by hydraulic
3. motion up-down and motion left-right by hydraulic
4. carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor with programmable speed
5. collet (B-axis) grip by hydraulic, rotation by servo motor
6. mandrel by hydraulic with automatic lubrication & anticipated
7. IPC based controller :
    Industrial PC assorted with touch-screen display, convertible  
    between manual / automatic mode, convertible between inch
    metric setting, convertible between XYZ / YBC axes
    capable of reading igs/stp file
8. PLC based controller :
    PLC controller with touch screen display, convertible between 
    manual / automatic mode, convertible between XYZ / YBC axes 
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