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Repair method for damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

Repair method for damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

Issue Time:2022/07/15
Aluminum equipment processing, usually, aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line mechanical parts failure mainly includes the following:

1 Integral fracture

When parts are subjected to external loads such as tension, pressure, bending, shear and torsion, fatigue fracture will occur in dangerous sections, such as guide column fracture, bolt fracture, gear tooth root fracture and so on.

2 Excessive residual deformation

If the stress applied to the part exceeds the yield limit of the material, the part will produce residual deformation, such as bending of the rotating shaft, deformation of the gland, etc.

3 Surface damage of parts (main cause)

Parts of the surface damage is mainly corrosion, wear and contact fatigue, these are with the continuation of the working time and gradually occur in the form of failure, such as the wear of guide rail, the abrasion of copper sleeve, etc..

Failure caused by failure of normal working conditions

Such as liquid friction sliding bearings, only in the presence of a complete lubricating oil film can work normally; If these necessary conditions are destroyed, different types of failure will occur, such as bearing overheating, gluing, wear and other failures, belt transmission skid failure.

Common faults and maintenance methods of oil valve for aluminum extruder

Q: What is the reason why the aluminum extruder starts slowly?

A: See if the proportional current when the push bar enters is large, if not, you can adjust it to try. Check whether the secondary pressure regulation is too small, and adjust it appropriately to try to check whether it is switched to work too early to check whether the reaction speed of the liquid filling valve is fast enough.

Q: push rods into the current up a little bit, double pump pressure proportional electromagnetic valve is fully open up the 210 mp master cylinder exhaust after 110 mp to turn into the first slow, quick, thick material is done by the more apparent, two fast into the check cylinder apart he ring in good condition not leak, pressure relief valve and the valve are new two benefit, profit flow valve pressure response soon set 240 mp alone, is there any other reasons?

A: In this case, it is likely that the filling valve is not closed fast enough.
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