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How to optimize the artificial intelligence of rolling mill

How to optimize the artificial intelligence of rolling mill

Issue Time:2022/04/06
The rolling process, is the main technical content of steel belt production, is the basic guarantee for the factory production capacity, in order to achieve the quality of the products, precision and quality, in the form of with the rapid development of cold rolling technology, cold rolling scheme based on empirical methods can not meet the production requirements, now in the field of single stand cold rolling mill, the rolling process optimization of artificial intelligence research is less.

Now, combining with the production situation of steel, the unique platform for the independent reversible cold rolling mill hydraulic AG and electric propulsion system of engineering practice, the optimization of the theoretical and experimental research, plain reversible cold rolling machine, cold rolling process of artificial intelligence, has important theoretical and engineering significance and practical value in the first place, document analysis and comparison of a set of suitable for cold rolling system mathematical model, The objective function distribution is proportional to the force of rolling mill equipment capacity load, the cold rolling genetic algorithm is optimized, and compared with the rolling program of the original system.

Now optimized mobile schedule more reasonable, in order to choose the optimization algorithm is more suitable for engineering practice, a new particle swarm optimization algorithm to optimize balance program, when compared with the results of the analysis of genetic algorithm, then determine the particle swarm optimization algorithm in convergence and calculation precision, search ability, speed etc advantages, so it is intended for engineering practice combining with the actual situation, After many experiments, the particle swarm optimization algorithm is fully improved, and a set of reasonable optimization parameters are selected to speed up the calculation time of the algorithm and meet the operation needs of the on-line production of cold strip mill.

And improved particle swarm optimization (pso) algorithm was applied to engineering practice, to reduce the power consumption of the, equipment, and to enhance the efficiency of the production, according to the different software platform, it is design and development of the main computer system, including computer and touch panel, and below the computer communication system has been completed, and the calculated rolling system and other functions.
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