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The paper describes the mill stand down, cold rolling rate, roll gap and multi - high mill

The paper describes the mill stand down, cold rolling rate, roll gap and multi - high mill

Issue Time:2021/12/27
In the products of the cold rolling mill manufacturers, the continuous rolling mill, and its four and six high cold rolling mill, is the key commodity, therefore, it is important to carry out learning and training and master the work, but can not ignore other goods, such as the continuous rolling mill. Therefore, according to this regulation, the following will actually carry out the professional knowledge interpretation of the online platform products of continuous rolling mills, so as to enrich the knowledge level of everyone.

1. What is the standard of the amount of press down for the distribution of the fine rolling mill?

According to the detailed introduction of the cold rolling machine manufacturer, the standard of the pressing amount of the fine rolling mill unit is to allocate each frame. It will use the resource advantage of high temperature to centralize the pressing amount in the first few rolling mills as far as possible, and the pressing amount is slowly reduced in order to ensure the product quality.

Two, how to determine the cold rolling speed of the rolling mill?

To determine the cold rolling rate of the rolling mill, it depends on the production of the machine and equipment of the rolling mill, that is, it is decided by the production of the machine and equipment. Generally speaking, it is required to increase the cold rolling rate as far as possible within the allowable speed range of the mill to increase the mill output. However, it must be noted that when the cold rolling rate increases, the working pressure of the cold rolling will decrease.

Three, continuous rolling mill, can be applied to automatic technology automatic control system? In addition, is there a different type?

The cold rolling mill manufacturers respond to these two problems, and their response is:

Continuous rolling mill, which is able to apply automatic technology automatic control system, to carry out monitoring of its processing process and actual operation, generally, according to the electronic computer to maintain. In addition, there are two types of continuous rolling mill: semi-continuous rolling mill and full continuous rolling mill. Their distinguishing standard is to see whether there is reversible rolling mill in the rolling mill. If not, it is full continuous rolling mill; on the contrary, it is semi-continuous rolling mill.

Four, the twenty high mill in the mill, the whole process of cold rolling actually refers to what?

In the rolling mill, there is the actual type of twenty high rolling mill, and this is a common and common type, the whole process of cold rolling, rolling mill manufacturer Wuxi Xingxiang think can be divided into three links: the upper wear, reversible cold rolling and its feeding and rewinding. Moreover, the whole cold rolling process of this kind of rolling mill is just started after the coiler/uncoiler engineering construction support force of the steel chain before and after the rolling mill, while before here, it is to understand the belt wearing link.

Five, in the continuous rolling unit, what is called eight rolls, five stands and continuous rolling?

This problem, in the cold rolling mill manufacturer Wuxi Xingxiang, is not too difficult to respond to, therefore, their practical reference answer is:

Continuous rolling mill, eight rolls refers to the sound card frame with two supporting point roller, a pair of middle roller and work roller, and five, refers to the five sound card frame. Continuous rolling, it refers to the steel chain and other raw materials, in five sound card rack to carry out continuous cold rolling, and then, to achieve the desired cold rolling effect.

Six, steel chain cold, can choose a rolling mill to carry out?

The cold drawing of steel chain can be carried out by the machine and equipment of rolling mill. Therefore, there is no doubt that the reference answer to this problem is yes. However, the mill manufacturer reminds everyone that a prominent feature of steel chain cold stamping is to have support force. Because this is the support force cold stamping, if there is no support force, the work can not be carried out. Therefore, it is very important to clarify the suitable support force for the cold stamping of steel chain.

What is the roll gap of the rolling mill?

Roll gap refers to the gap between rolls of the rolling mill. If specifically, mill manufacturers in wuxi city hing cheung stressed that it is including a lot of aspects, are as follows: mill when the original set of roll gap value, cold rolling mill roll during the whole process of jumping value, mill stone arch should be deformation caused by variable, the pressure in the rolling mill bearing in rotates to cause the oil gap, each component in the middle of the gap and the machine equipment.
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