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What services can Wonsten provide?

What services can Wonsten provide?

Issue Time:2021-01-26
You can test Wonsten pipe bending machines’ performance before the order is placed. This pre-purchase experiment will provide you an opportunity to know our machine specific application. We invite you to send us samples of your pipes with the drawing. We will gladly analyze your needs and send you a sample of the finished product for your approval.

The machine is like people, it needs rest and regular maintenance. We will pass on the experience we have summarized from long-term practice to you, this maintenance guide explains what you should do and why you should do it. By following a maintenance schedule, you can help prevent major problems before they occur.

In the event of a machinery failure or fault, we can have the necessary spare parts ready to ship on a 7-day basis if required. You can contact our sales team for the below spare parts. HSS saw blades, aluminum cutting saw blades, hydraulic cylinders, sealing rings, the whole set of bending tools include bending die, clamping die, pressure die, wiper die, different kinds of mandrel.

Our technicians are totally prepared to be sent to your factory to help with the installation assistance, so your production of new products can start speedily and reliably. All training programs include operation manuals and online video resources.
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