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Why choose Wonsten as your pipe bending machine supplier?

Why choose Wonsten as your pipe bending machine supplier?

Issue Time:2021-01-26
Various Models for Choice
You don’t need to worry you can’t find solutions here. Even if we not only have standard pipe bending machine, we can customize according to your specific requirements.

Bend Different Materials, Different Shapes
Whatever you want to bend, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or aluminum profile, angle steel, round pipe, square tube, oval tube, rectangular tube, we have a solution for you.

Simple Operation
All equipment actions are controlled by PLC, the operation interface is simple to set up and easy to operate. The tool changeover time is short.

High Precision and Repetable Bends
All parameters are saved in the workpiece program. When repeating a job, you only need to install the tools and choose from the saved program, no mechanical adjustments are required. This can guarantee the best repeatability.

Perfect Bends With No Wrinkles
Our expertise will guide us to control the bending speed and select the appropriate bending tools to prevent the tube from cracking, wrinkling and severe deformation.
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